Co-operations and Friendly Consultants

Co-operation agreements:

Dr. Michaela Kozlova
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Czech Republic
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Friendly consultants:

Peter Sundt, Mepex Consult AS, Norway

Peter Sundt has been a partner and senior adviser since 2005 in Mepex Consult AS, a consultancy working within waste management both in Norway and abroad. Peter is very much engaged in projects related to recycling schemes, often plastics.

Mr. Sundt held the position as Managing Director for Plastretur AS since 1996 until 2005. Plastretur is the material company for plastic packaging and agriculture film in Norway and is now operated by Green Dot Norway. Since 2005 Peter Sundt has been Secretary General of EPRO, European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations, a 15-20% assignment. EPRO has 19 members from 16 countries.



Christian Stiglitz, Vienna, Austria


Christian Stiglitz is currently on one of the most senior top experts in Europe in the area of waste recovery and recycling based on the EPR principle. He was responsible for the design and the establishment of the ARA packaging recycling and recovery system in Austria back in 1993, now being the 3rd oldest system in Europe in this field, and lead it as president and CEO for over 16 years.

He established his own consulting company “RECYCLING OF RESOURCES” recently, focussing on complex projects in communication and logistics within governmental, industry and consumer spheres of concerns and interests, nationally as well as internationally.

Mr. Stiglitz holds an MBA degree from the Vienna University of Business administration and Economics where he graduated in 1971 after he spent a year as exchange student in the USA. He held several top executive positions in IBM Austria, General Electric, Austrian Industries AG and Unisys Corp, from sales management, strategic planning to general management before starting with the creation of ARA in 1993.

After the busy start up years he took the initiative to utilize the considerable ARA knowledge and experience by offering consulting services to government institutions as well as to industry and already established systems to develop workable and sensible legal frameworks, and to design and /or optimize the required efficient recovery and recycling system. Some of the major projects were completed in Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Cyprus, the Baltic states, as well as in Singapore and Buenos Aires.

Mr. Stiglitz works also as lecturer at the Technical University of Vienna and regularly holds presentations at all the major Waste Management Congresses in Europe, e.g. Sardinia, Berlin, Venice and Vienna and is a member of the advisory board of several companies. He is a member of the advisory board of PRO – Europe, the umbrella organisation of all “Green Dot” Compliance Systems in Europe and Canada, and Vice President of the Austrian Section of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).  His professional achievements have been recognized publicly by a number of official awards, e.g. the Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria, the Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to the State of Lower Austria, the honorary title of “Senator” of the Technical University of Vienna etc.



Heidi Saborn, Sacramento, California, US

Heidi Sanborn is an independent consultant providing product stewardship/Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and integrated waste planning services and solutions to public, non-profit, and private sector clients. Her strong skills at bringing partners and stakeholders together in a collaborative process have lead to successful project development and implementation at the local, state, and national level. Located in Sacramento, California, Heidi has most recently been instrumental in the design and development of product stewardship strategies for individual jurisdictions, states, and organizations throughout the United State

Phone: +1 (916) 485-7753



Mikolaj Jozefowicz, Ph.D.,  Warsaw, Poland

Mikolaj Jozefowicz is an independent consultant providing private sector clients with advice on Extended Producer Responsibility including regulatory compliance in that area, Corporate Social Responsibility projects and product endorsement campaigns involving academia and medical professions. His extended knowledge and experience in these areas, good understanding of international context and well-developed local network make him an ideal partner for companies seeking to deepen their presence on the Polish market.

Mikolaj Jozefowicz, after receiving a Ph.D. degree in physics at the Ohio State University, USA, has worked for a few years in the US chemical industry before being hired as External Relations Manager by Procter and Gamble. Over the following 14 years he held a number of posts at P&G ranging from Professional and Regulatory Services Manager for P&G food division in Europe to External Relations Head for P&G in Poland and Baltic States. As a head of Supervisory Board of Rekopol (Polish green dot scheme) was instrumental in startup and development of that company. Currently he consults independently for P&G, European Recycling Platform and other clients.

Phone: +48-721-008-577